Time to punch those who need to relax

Time to punch those who need to relax

Boxing Phisics 2 is recent in the application world. So recent that it is still in the development stage and may therefore be unstable, the warning is here. Beta version part, always be a good chance for a few minutes of distraction.

As the name suggests, the main dynamic is to punch the opponent, and dodge the reverse, but there are some details to add, depending on the game mode chosen.

In the category of fast games there are four possibilities: Real Mode, Crazy Mode, SoccerMode and Trap Mode. Apart from the first mode, all the others have an associated feature or additional aspect, namely a ball and goal to score a goal, in addition to the punches that must be thrown at the opponent.

And speaking of an opponent, count on several iconic characters: creativity is not lacking in the game's authors. The graphics are very colorful and the soundtrack accompanies it.

The controls are simple, although they do not always correspond immediately to the intent of the player, but we can admit that this may also be due to some awkwardness in the matter.

Larger advertising blocks, of 30 seconds, end up being very unpleasant, given that depending on the category and the game mode, the rounds may last less than that.

Boxing Physics 2 is free, with in-app purchases in addition to advertisements, and is available from the Play Store.