Time to move: Apple TV is lagging behind in the increasingly competitive set-top box market

Oh, set-top boxes. The market for boxes (or things that are not boxes, no, Chromecast) that serve as a super-powerful brain for your TV has not yet caught on here in Brazil, but in the United States they have the whole ball. And, in the middle of this effervescent segment, a certain discreet black box tries to find its way to the leadership, apparently without much success: Apple TV.

I say “not very successful” because, based on this research recently released by eMarketer, Ma's competitor is losing ground in the market to its rivals, bittering a fourth place when the metric is the total number of users of each platform in the USA. Take a look:

EMarketer set-top-box market research

While Apple TV's top three rivals Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV vying for the first places with little difference between them in the number of users, which varies between 38.9 and 35.8 million, Ma's box is almost like a laggard in the race, with its 21.3 million users. The number refers, as the graph itself states, to all users of any age who use the internet through the device in question at least once a month.

According to Paul Verna, an analyst at eMarketer, Apple TV “has lagged behind for reasons such as the absence of an attractive content offering, a lack of support for Amazon's increasingly popular video service and a much higher price range than your competitors ”. He further affirms, perhaps even more worryingly, that Ma's canister will continue to grow at a lower rate than its rivals, earning less than 4 million users by the end of 2021 against the 20-30 million that will be added to each competitor's account. .

Well, at least one of these factors will be corrected very soon: as announced with all the pomp and circumstance by Apple in the last WWDC, its set-top box gain support for Amazon Prime Video soon. However, other issues still hover over its shiny black surface: although Apple TV gained a good update two years ago, when it started supporting third-party applications and games, much is said about its inability to offer features already brought by the competition, such as support 4K resolution or HDR technology.

If Apple manages to move and reverse that situation, that is time alone. But all this can be a strong indication that, yes, it is time to see the launch of the fifth generation of Apple TV.

via iClarified

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