Revista Time publica lista com os 10 melhores gadgets da década

Time Magazine Posts Top 10 Gadgets of the Decade

Time magazine has published a list of gadgets that have come to prominence this decade, which is about to end. Just devices of various categories of use, can be small or large, as you will see below, the idea to select the most innovative and that deserve attention also for their usefulness.

"Each gadget tells the story of a new way of thinking, a slow paradigm shift that changes the way we approach the personal technology we interact with on a daily basis. You may not know what a Raspberry Pi is, but its impact on industries like robotics. and home automation has been huge "Excerpt from Time magazine publication

Check out the devices listed below and why they appeared.

Apple iPad (2010)

With the presence of genius Steve Jobs at the beginning of this decade, Apple has been featured on this Time list, with the iPad being considered "a cultural change for personal computing and setting the tone for the next decade of portable devices" on the list.

Tesla S Model

With great growth over the last ten years, Elon Musk's company has come up with its electric cars and has been increasingly surprising with its launches. According to Time magazine, Tesla appears for reworking the automotive industry and showing that electric cars can be cool.

Raspberry Pi (2012)

Chosen for being a powerful computer learning tool, a keyboard and a screen already offers numerous possibilities.

Google Chromecast (2013)

Undoubtedly a tool that has helped modernize home entertainment, Chromecast has been cited for filling the gap for people who wanted a piece of the future without investing in an expensive smart TV, or spending over a hundred dollars on an expensive streaming box. and showy, "the magazine said.

DJI Phantom (2013)

Time listed DJI Phantom as a drone that makes it easy to use this type of small aircraft, making it easier to control. Also comments that he was the most popular on YouTube during the decade.

Amazon Echo (2014)

Amazon smart devices were important to the growing popularity of voice assistants.

Apple Watch (2015)

Time highlighted the health features and the fact that it has become a fashion object. I highlight the strength this gadget has given to other wearables, such as the very popular smart bracelets now.

Apple AirPods (2016)

"AirPods even have social significance thanks to jokes and classy memes scattered across social media, turning them into headphones that act as a status indicator not so subtle," the magazine said.

Nintendo Switch (2017)

Successful sales, the Switch was further proof that Nintendo can reinvent itself and brought innovation to the world of video games.

Xbox Adaptive Controller (2018)

A facilitator for people with disabilities, Microsoft's expert work to increase accessibility to games is noteworthy.

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