Time Capsule price drops in the United States, may indicate arrival of new models

Time Capsule price confusion in Brazil

We recently received several emails from readers asking us why there is such a discrepancy in prices for both Time Capsules models in Brazil. It was even more curious when, last week, the Americanas.com portal promoted the 1TB model, Marcelo Saad it's the Henrique Rocha. For a limited time, it was sold for only R $ 1,200.

Time Capsule

We decided to do a product price consultation today and we are amazed with what we think. First, we called two Apple authorized resellers in Brazil. In both, the prices were identical: R $ 900 for the 500GB model and R $ 1,500 for the 1TB model. Of the large online retailers, only Saraiva.com.br, Fnac and Fast Shop follow the same pattern. At Americanas.com, the 500GB version is currently unavailable, while the 1TB version costs R $ 1,700. At Submarino.com.br, the thing even worse: the 500GB costs R $ 1,150, while the 1TB costs R $ 1,850.

Consulted by MacMagazine, Apple Brazil stated that the official Time Capsule prices are R $ 1,000 for the 500GB model and R $ 1,600 for the 1TB model, that is, no one today sells the product for the "correct" price. In the United States, by comparison, the 500GB version is priced at $ 300 at the Apple Store Online, while the 1TB version is priced at $ 500. And now, Jos?