Timberman: The New Flappy Bird?

Timberman: The New Flappy Bird?

New game in the area, and it promises to be as addictive as Flappy Bird. Will the 8-bit visual lumberjack be Android's new fever? One thing I guarantee, it's not as frustrating as the birdie app.

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Digital Melody, Google, ANDROIDPIT

In TimbermanYou're a lumberjack in front of a giant tree. His task is to ax and cut off the tree, always dodging the branches. For each meter you will get one point. If you score 100 points at once or 1,000 points in total, you activate the second character, then the third, and so on. It sounds simple, but the addictive factor is high, as you don't lose early on like Flappy Bird. Also, the faster your axes, the more time you earn.

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Timberman has the potential to be the new hit of Android. / ANDROIDPIT

The free app, but who wants to get rid of the advertising (which is otherwise non-invasive) or get extras like new clothes, should buy these options within the app. Though too simple for my taste, I see potential in Timberman to become the new favorite pastime on Android.

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