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TIM lana application that maps Wi-Fi network

TIM made the application available TIM Wi-Fi on the Google Play store, the app features a map of all carrier wifi connection points. There are currently over 1,000 active hotspots across the country, including airports, cafes, bars, restaurants, malls, football stadiums and other establishments.

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Don't spend your data plan, use your carrier's Wi-Fi! / AndroidPIT
<p>The service works as a complementary connection to 3G and 4G networks, so, although the application is free, the charge of wireless internet service through the hotspots follows the same line of the plans hired by the TIM user, thus, the limit of downloads will be counted through the wifi.</p><div class=

How it works?

To use the service for the first time, the user must enter the same login and password as the My TIM. From the second access, the automatic connection. Within the coverage area, the carrier's customers can still access their Wi-Fi network through the notebook.

TIM wifi app
It's over 100! / Google Play Store
Paid or free app?


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Android version

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2.3.3 or higher

At first, the app is only available on the Play Store and will soon also be compatible with other operating systems.

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