Tim Cook would be personally testing a glucose meter prototype on his Apple Watch

, my friends: the rumored machine about the (supposed) next big function of Apple watch It's in full swing. A mere three days after the rumor that the glucose measurement feature would come through a special watch strap, and not in its case itself, we already have another pretty strong indication that such an accessory is rapidly finding the light of day. for a close release: A certain CEO has been testing something similar there for the 1 Infinite Loop bands.

Tim Cook Introducing iPhone 6/6 Plus and Apple Watch

Who informs the CNBCwhich says that Tim cook was spotted on Apple campus testing a blood glucose monitor prototype that works closely with Apple Watch. It is not clear, however, whether this accessory would actually be a separate wristband or device that communicates with the watch via Bluetooth or some wireless protocol, the subject only speaks on a “handset”. connected Apple Watch, ”without specifying what kind of connection we're dealing with. It is not known, either, whether such Apple's own manufacturing device or whether it is a prototype created by some medical company.

Apparently, Cook has been using the meter for some time now: in the “fireplace chat” with students at the University of Glasgow in February, he commented that he was continuously monitoring their glucose for a few weeks with a device and had withdrawn it. o just before the trip. The CEO, who is not diabetic or anything, explained that he is interested in knowing how the foods he eats affect the amount of sugar in his blood, and thereby altering his diet accordingly to enhance health.

As is well known, Apple has so far avoided putting medical functions on the body of Apple Watch so that the watch does not have to go through the notoriously slow and demanding FDA approval process. Perhaps the idea of ​​bringing health features into accessories such as bracelets is a good way to keep Apple continuing to sell your Apple Watch as a standard electronic device, and only certain devices like the blood glucose meter, go through the analysis process. Let's wait and see.

via 9to5Mac