Tim Cook wins $ 58 million in Apple shares after reaching performance goals [atualizado: Eddy Cue também]

Tim Cook wins $ 58 million in Apple shares after reaching performance goals [atualizado: Eddy Cue também]

According to a record made by Apple yesterday at Securities and Exchange Commission from United States, Tim Cook has just been awarded the equivalent of $ 58 million in the company's shares for reaching performance goals.

Tim Cook sitting on a pile of money

Cook could have sold some of them, but he preferred to hold them all. In total, the CEO has already accumulated 1.17 million Apple papers that, sold at the current value of $ 103.74 each, would give him an amount of more than $ 121 million.

Cook in the sights of the SEC

Two days ago, we followed that an email from Cook sent to the TV presenter Jim Cramer managed to hold a sharp drop in the value of Apple's shares. A priori the message sent by him did not contain anything very special, it just stated that Apple continues to observe accelerated growth in China, without detailing numbers or the like, but the executive may face a headache because of that.

As explained by the MarketWatch, such an email could never have been sent privately as the information contained therein could be used illegally for its own benefit. For example, Cramer could have passed on the information to someone buying stocks low before they went up in value.

The situation is further aggravated because Cramer is not only a member of the media, but also manages a portfolio of shares (the Action Alerts PLUS) that has a connection with Apple.

It is not yet known what the SEC decide on the case. It may be that she doesn't see any irregularities in the email, or maybe it just gives Cook and his team a pretty good ear. However, if it is proven that someone has directly benefited from email, Cook may unintentionally generate a good headache for you.

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Yesterday the shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) spent much of the day on a sharp rise, but fell at the end of the price and closed up only 0.6%. Today, in the pre-opening negotiations, they already operate at an increase of 2.29% quoted at $ 106.12.

(via AppleInsider, Fortune)

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Tim Cook and Eddy Cue

As the MacRumors informed, in addition to Tim Cook (who was awarded 560,000 stock options), Apple also awarded Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services for Apple) with 350,000 papers (equivalent to US $ 36 million, due to yesterday's closing price).