Apple Summer Internship Programs

Tim Cook will have a virtual meeting with employees to talk about the Coronavirus; Apple hires interns online

With the closing of all stores in the Apple outside China and the social isolation measures adopted in several countries due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Apple is making some changes not only to continue providing its services, but to keep in touch with its employees and collaborators.

With that in mind, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, will hold a virtual meeting later this month for employees to ask questions about the changes the company has proposed in response to the pandemic, such as expanding the home office. The information is Bloomberg.

According to the report, Apple warned employees yesterday (8/4) about the meeting and asked them if there were any questions or concerns they would like to ask the company. In addition, Apple encouraged its employees to share what the past few weeks of social isolation have been like.

In Santa Clara County, where the Apple Park, Infinite Loop and many other company offices and stores, both commerce and non-core activities are expected to keep their doors closed until May 3 – but Apple will be able to extend this deadline on its own, as it will in each region where it has stores.

Hiring interns

Due to the aforementioned restrictions, which take effect in the United States and other countries, Apple will also place an emphasis on hiring interns for summer programs (in the northern hemisphere) online, as reported by Axios.

Apple Summer Internship Programs

Summer internship programs are important for both students and companies, as they provide valuable experience and contacts for students, while companies train future talents who may eventually hold full positions.

While some companies are offering programs 100% online, Apple told the Axios which is planning to provide more than 1,000 internship opportunities for virtual and face-to-face training.

However, since universities and companies are suspended, no vacancies have been officially announced; in addition, it remains to be seen what types of activities will be allowed or can be carried out in 1-2 months.

Foxconn thickens security measures at factories

While the US suffers from tens of thousands of new cases and deaths from COVID-19, the China, where the virus outbreak began, is gradually resuming its activities after months of implementing security measures.

However, the government and local companies are not being neglected, however: Foxconn (one of the largest iPhone makers), as well as other large factories, is increasingly thickening care against the Coronavirus to prevent another outbreak in the country, according to a report by Business Insider.

A Foxconn official said workers are given a face mask and their temperatures are checked regularly, as well as the presence of infrared cameras to check people’s temperature as they pass.

At lunchtime, employees eat at tables separated from each other by dividers. Cafeteria seats even have QR codes, for employees to scan and Foxconn to record who sat in which place and when the meal was made. In addition, employees leave their coats and bags in a designated place for disinfection before entering the dorms.

The automaker said it is also using nucleic acid tests and chest X-rays when necessary and that it has also produced 10 million of surgical masks for your employees.

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