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Tim Cook went to the White House to discuss the trade war with China

Tim cook visited yesterday the capital of the United States to discuss some issues with Donald Trump. Although details of the meeting were not disclosed, a White House spokeswoman said Apple CEO and the US president talked about "trade, investment, immigration and privacy."

The meeting was part of the so-called American Workforce Policy Advisory Board (something like the American Advisory Council on Out-of-Work Policies), which is nothing more than a group of corporate leaders to encourage work force in the US. The initiative was unveiled earlier this year by US Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Daughter Ivanka Trump.

It would not have been like a meeting between Cook and Trump to happen without US-China trade war were discussed; After all, the US government has increased the import tax for certain Apple products made in China over the past month. This, of course, makes the Cupertino giant worried about the next steps of the White House.

With regard to the possibility of further raising the tariff on goods produced in China and imported into the US, Trump said he would make a decision "sometime" after the Osaka G20 summit on 28 and 29 April. ms

On the breakthroughs in the renewal of the American workforce, Ivanka Trump praised Apple's efforts on this initiative and underscored the importance of Cook on the board.

The private sector is really working hard. We guarantee commitments. Apple's Tim Cook, who was here today, has been a real force on the advisory board and its commitment to lifelong learning in general.

Cook and Trump must have also debated a possible debate. “Antitrust situation” among the technology giants in the US. According to the US president, companies like Google, Facebook and (implicitly) Apple would be promoting liberal views on their platforms, as the Bloomberg.

This all began after the banishment of some conservative figures from these networks, who would have committed serious infractions in propagating hate and harassment speeches. The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently split case supervision to investigate Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook for such "anticompetitive behavior."