Tim Cook visits Japan and announces opening of research and development center in the country

Tim Cook is visiting the Japan And, as with so many other visits that the Apple boss makes to several countries, this one is also not for recreation. This does not mean that he does not have fun while working: Cook registered his encounter with the bird's social network Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Nintendo's hit game, Super Mario.

Getting the hang of Super Mario Run, thanks to Miyamoto-san and his fantastic Nintendo team!

SUPER MARIO RUN was announced firsthand at Ma's last event, going crazy and surprising many. No date has yet been announced for its release, but the game will arrive on iOS (first) by the end of this year and its package stickers j can be found on the iMessage App Store.

After visiting Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Cook met with Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan (remember him epically dressed as Mario at the end of the Rio Olympics?). According to the XinhuaCook said that the meeting dealt with important aspects for the relationship between Ma and the Land of the Rising Sun.

We talked about the future and how we can accomplish great things together. I spoke to Prime Minister Abe about our love for Japan and the importance of the country for Apple.

In 2014, Apple announced that a research and development center would be built in Yokohama; soon after, he purchased a space that previously belonged to Panasonic. Cook's visit comes to definitively announce that this space will serve as a development unit and be ready by December, as Chief of Staff Yoshihide Suga says.

Cook also said that several manufacturers were already eyeing Apple in order to form partnerships that would allow them to produce their products there. Due to the enthusiasm of the Japanese CEO and leader, this possibility is not something to be ruled out.

Tim Cook Apple Japan Prime Minister

From the photo (above) published on the Prime Minister's official Facebook page, the meeting was very fun, right? 😝

Ma's investments in Japan are very consistent if we consider the fact that, when the 2020 Olympics take place, Apple will already have a much larger presence in the country.

(via MacRumors, AppleInsider)