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Tim Cook tells Apple employees that the Watch will go on sale in stores in June

Tim Cook was recently in China and talked to several Apple employees at the company's headquarters, updating them on some interesting points about Ma's operations in the country.

Part of that conversation covered, of course, the Apple Watch. Cook said he could not be happier with the launch and that the company is working at full speed to be able to produce as many units as possible, something that is expected and natural. Although he did not specify a date, the executive said that the Watch will begin to be sold in Apple stores in June and that this includes Chinese Retail Stores.

I loved the new Apple Store – West Lake! Here I am with @lisapjackson on a beautiful night in Hangzhou.

Cook did not go to China alone; with him were also Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services) and Lisa Jackson (vice president of environmental initiatives).

Here we are at an Apple Watch workshop with guests surprise @tim_cook and a few hundred new friends.

The reason for Cue's departure is precisely with Apple Pay he went to meet with possible partners for the mobile payment service in the country. As it involves many companies and banks, it is not simple to implement, but Cook believes that things are improving and that the service could be launched in China soon.

Asking whether China will ever surpass the United States in revenue for the company, Cook said that this is no longer a matter of "if", but "when". Apple already sells more iPhones and iPads in China than anywhere else in the world, but sales of Macs, apps, music, movies and everything related to the iTunes / App / iBooks Store ecosystem are even greater in the U.S.

He also commented on the newly created Chinese social network account Weibo, saying that everything was the brainchild of Steve Dowling (Apple's current vice president of communications) and that he would use it, just as he already uses his Twitter account, to advertise. Apple related (a kind of press release, but more informal).

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