Tim Cook during LGBTQ Pride Parade in San Francisco

Tim Cook says he “doesn’t regret a minute” of coming out as gay

In a rare interview about his personal life, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, told the magazine People in Español how does he feel about the decision to have publicly announced their sexual orientation, besides talking a little about diversity at Apple.

For those who do not remember, in 2014, the executive wrote a letter to Bloomberg Businessweek in which he commented on his homosexuality in order to bring “comfort to those who feel alone and inspire people to insist on equality”.

During the interview, Cook said he doesn’t regret the decision: “I don’t regret it for a minute, not at all.” He further explained that he received numerous letters from young people who were fighting against themselves because of this and that he wanted to do something about it:

Obviously, I couldn’t speak to each one individually, and I knew that besides those people who came into contact, there was a lot more out there wondering if they had a future or not, if life got better … from there I really decided. Many people who came before me made it possible for me to sit here today, and I needed to do something to help those people who were in a younger generation.

Cook said he was not “afraid” to talk about his homosexuality, but he was concerned about the world outside Apple, even with the unanimous support of the company’s board: “It took a year to choose the words and set the right time for the announcement. ”

Tim Cook during LGBTQ Pride Parade in San Francisco

Apple has historically been a company open to inclusion and diversity, which made Cook feel comfortable sharing his story. According to the executive, being gay gave him a “level of empathy well above average”.

I am not saying that I understand the trials and tribulations of all minority groups, why not. But I understand for one of them. And to the extent that it helps to give an insight into how other people can feel, I think [a homossexualidade] it is a gift in itself.


In another part of the interview, Cook explained his decision to sign a amicus curiae to the United States Supreme Court in support of the immigrant movement in the country, “Dreamers”. According to him, Apple creates the “best products by being more diverse”, and that young people in the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or Deferred Action for Arrival of Children) are “as American as he is”:

They are people with real stories behind them. And they are as American as I am. When I talk to them, I feel like I’m talking to Americans, from my point of view. They are American in every way, except they don’t have a visa. So, let’s give them the visa and do the right thing.

The full interview, which contains details about Apple’s environmental efforts and Cook’s advice to gay children and their parents, can be read on the company’s website. People in Español.

via MacRumors