Tim Cook reveals plans for India include Apple Pay, new stores and used iPhones

Tim Cook reveals plans for India include Apple Pay, new stores and used iPhones

In an interview with the Indian television network NDTV, Tim Cook confirmed many rumors that probed Apple's visit ndia.

The conversation with the interviewer was very relaxed and Cook said he felt very good in the country, which has an incredible energy. When talking about the company's investments in India, he confirmed that there are many talents there and that they will take advantage of them from the recently announced Accelerator of Design and Development of Apps for iOS and also from the map development office. A novelty that may not have appeared in the rumors was the possibility of taking the Apple Pay to l.

Regarding Apple Pay, we are looking at what we can do. We want to bring Apple Pay to India. We met with some of the banks to understand their perspectives on mobile payments. We were very encouraged by what we heard. We want to bring all of our services to India.

When asked about the intention of the visit, the CEO of Ma said that they are evaluating the entire Indian structure, from the governmental point of view to the cultural one. As the rumors went on, he confirmed that there is already a request to take Apple Retail Stores for there, just the government's approval.

Another political issue was the veto for the sale of Used iPhones (‚ÄúPre-owned‚ÄĚ) in the country. The Indian market is led by low-cost devices with Android system and, if used iPhones were allowed, they would become much more accessible. Despite this, Cook says he does not want to enter this market: "I want the consumer in India to buy at a price similar to that of the United States."

The interviewer raised this issue by calling the devices ‚ÄúRefurbished‚ÄĚ (refurbished), however, perhaps to mitigate the situation, Cook explained: ‚ÄúThe used (handsets) are certified as if it were a new phone, as it is guaranteed a new phone Yes, we would like to do that here. We do it in the USA, Japan and in different countries around the world. ‚ÄĚ

The interview lasted 40 minutes, but if you want to practice your English, you can watch the 18-minute version (above, at the beginning of the post) in which you talk about the company's plans for India.

Tim Cook Prime Minister India

Many of the issues mentioned in the interview cited above were also brought up to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, last saturday. Although there are no details in terms of closed agreements, the Times of india published the speech of one of the state officials who reported:

Cook shared future plans for India. He talked about the possibility of manufacturing and retailing in India. He liked the large number of talented young people in India, saying that they would have skills that Apple would like to take advantage of.

While there, he took the opportunity to launch an update on the Prime Minister's app and, of course, tweeted about it:

Thanks, PM @narendramodi for a great meeting. I am already looking forward to the next visit to India. I wish you much success with the app!

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In the wave of visits and tweets, Ma's CEO stopped by Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and took selfies with some fans

A quick visit with customers and our fantastic Apple Store team, Mall of the Emirates. Thank you, Dubai!

But, as he said himself, this was just a quick visit considering he has already appeared on other tweets l on the Holland side, in Amsterdam.

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