Tim Cook retains (bad) ranking in Glassdoor's CEO ranking

Every year the job site Glassdoor surveys their own (and many) users to determine which ones are CEOs most favored among the employees of each company. Tim cook It is a constant presence on the list, but its position has been dropping every year: from an excellent 8th place in 2016, the executive dropped to 53 in 2017 and sank further to 96th place last year.

At the time, we comment that if Cook continued this downward spiral, he would soon cease to appear in the ranking. Well, that wasn't the case: in 2019, he kept the 96 placed among the highest rated CEOs by their subordinates.

Even with bad placement, Cook was approved by 91% Apple employees same index last year. In 2016, when he achieved his best position in the survey, the CEO had a 96% approval rating (ie a five percentage point drop, which is not a disaster). The average CEO approval rating among all companies reviewed by Glassdoor is 67%.

So was the Top 10 from Glassdoor in 2019:

  1. Eric S. Yuan – Zoom Video Communications – 99% approval
  2. Michael F. Mahoney – Boston Scientific – 99% approval
  3. Daniel Springer – DocuSign – 99% approval
  4. Lynsi Snyder – In-N-Out Burger – 99% approval
  5. James Downing – St. Jude Children's Research Hospital – 98% approval
  6. Corey Schiller and Asher raphael – Power Home Remodeling – 98% approval
  7. Charles C. Butt – H E B – 98% approval
  8. Jeff Weiner – LinkedIn – 97% approval
  9. Colleen Wegman – Wegmans Food Markets – 97% approval
  10. Marc Benioff – Salesforce – 97% approval

Among other technology CEOs highlighted in the survey, we have Shantanu Narayen (from Adobe; 13th place; 96%), Mark zuckerberg (from Facebook; 16; 96%), Satya Nadella (from Microsoft; 20; 96%), Sundar pichai (from Google; 45; 94%), Elon Musk (from SpaceX; 49; 94%) and Dion Weisler (from HP; 70; 92%).

via Apple World Today