Tim Cook receives Newseum award for publicly speaking on relevant issues

Yesterday (Tuesday, 4/18), Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, took the stage of Newseum in Washington, United States, to receive the Free Expression Award (something like “Free Express Award”) of 2017.

Cook was recognized for his great impact in taking a public position on issues such as racial equality, privacy, environment, human rights, among other issues.

In his speech, he talked about the difficulties of staying under the First Amendment (Amendment I) in this increasingly technological world.

We know that these forms of freedom require protection.

It is not only the forms of expression that entertain us, but those that challenge us.

Those that irritate us and even dislike us.

These are the ones that most need protection.

It is not by chance that these freedoms are enshrined and protected in the First Amendment.

They are the basis of several of our rights.

This is a responsibility that Apple takes very seriously.

First, we defend, we work to defend these forms of freedom by allowing people around the world to speak up and, secondly, we speak up for ourselves, because companies can and must have values.

As we have reported several times here in In fact, Apple has been firmly positioned in some statements, as was the case involving the FBI and the entire discussion on security, the constant political discussions of President Donald Trump's measures, among other issues related to human rights.

This Newseum award is given to "individuals who took personal or professional risks when sharing critical information with the public, were censored or punished by the authorities or other groups for their work, or pushed frontiers in artistic and media expression".

The Newseum defends the five forms of freedom present in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, through several interactive exhibitions.

(via AppleInsider)