Tim Cook raises $ 58 million with new share sale

As we commented last Wednesday, the CEO of Apple donated almost $ 5 million in company shares to charity and, in the same week, received a millionaire bonus in company papers for the good result and its performance in the last three years. The shareholder life of Tim Cook it remained quite busy this week, after he sold a hefty share of Ma shares, according to a report sent by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The shares recently sold by the executive were part of the prize he received last Friday, as a bonus for Apple's excellent performance in the financial market yesterday (8/28), including, Ma set a new record valuation of papers.

Of the 560,000 shares received, Cook sold approximately 265,000 of them at prices ranging from $ 216.96 to $ 218.54 for a total of about $ 57.8 million. The rest of the shares, which are now worth about $ 63 million, have been withheld by Apple for tax purposes.

Even with the multimillion-dollar sale of the shares this year, Cook still owns about 878,000 shares of the company, equivalent to $ 193 million.

Cook will receive awards in Apple shares for the next three years, as long as he remains in the position of CEO and the company's shares maintain their strong growth. At the end of this period (that is, in 2021), he will still receive a total of 700 thousand restricted shares (restricted stock units, or RSUs) from Ma. Not bad.

via MacRumors