Tim Cook promotes new Statue of Liberty AR app

Tim Cook promotes new Statue of Liberty AR app

Have you thought, to have the symbol of New York City inside your room? I speak, of course, of Statue of Liberty One of the best known works around the world, located on Liberty Island. Recently, the New York monument has been transposed to mobile device screens from a new augmented reality app (augmented reality, or AR).

Developed by the Statue of Liberty Foundation in partnership with the technology agency Yep Studio, the app took just over a year to complete due to the scanning time of all the details of the Lady Liberty. The app offers a view on time-lapse of the Manhattan skyline from the perspective of the statue and a deeper look into its history.

As published by Vogue, the software serves as a digital platform for launching something bigger (literally): the Statue of Liberty Museum, which will be inaugurated next Thursday, near the port of Liberty Island. The project was headed by designer Diane von Frstenberg and her husband, Barry Diller, who raised more than $ 100 million for the construction.

Behind all this news is Apple, one of the donors of the American designer project. According to von Frstenberg's report, she met the CEO of Ma, Tim cook, during the production of an HBO documentary on the Statue of Liberty and suggested the idea of ​​offering an “experience over there Apple ”to visitors from New York when they were Island.

Statue of Liberty AR app features

I met the people who develop apps and we started building them, not knowing where it would all end. The foundation created this app that reach hundreds of millions of people. Be the biggest museum opening ever!

Yesterday, the Apple executive promoted the app on Twitter and said that this is only the beginning of a technology-driven transformation, highlighting the capabilities of AR.

The Statue of Liberty app just starts with how AR transforms the way we connect with the world's treasures. Thank you @DVF and @StatueEllisFdn for your work in preserving one of America's largest and most inspiring symbols. 🗽

For those planning to visit the Statue of Liberty, the app also features an audio turn section, narrated by von Frstenberg. Software powered by Apple's MapKit to enable internal mapping, which in turn triggers audio in the application. There are audio links to 15 points around the Statue of Liberty and 20 at the museum, as well as dedicated tours for children.

In addition to the new app and the thriving museum, the designer revealed that a new podcast called Raising the Torch over the monument. The program will feature different historians discussing the historical context and the past of the Statue.

Statue of Liberty app icon

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