Tim Cook participates in a conversation about diversity at the university where he graduated

Yesterday, Tim Cook visited Auburn University, where he graduated, for a chat.

Unlike so many other times, the subject that brought the Apple CEO there was not technology, but diversity, inclusiveness and human rights.

Tim Cook University Diversity

With the title “A Conversation with Tim Cook: A Personal View of Inclusion and Diversity” (“A Conversation with Tim Cook: A Personal View of Inclusion and Diversity”), the event took place at 7 am in the auditorium Telfair B.

Peet Theater the university.

The complete conversation is not available, but some more important parts have been published by the student newspaper The Plainsman.

Cook advised students to be prepared to meet people of other nationalities and with very different cultural backgrounds, whatever career they choose, as they will need to interact with co-workers and clients from around the world.

The world is intertwined today, much more than it was when I was leaving college.

Therefore, you really need to have a deep understanding of cultures around the world.

I learned not only to appreciate, but to celebrate it.

What makes the world interesting are our differences, not our similarities.

Taking an example from Apple, the cooker stated that it is only possible to create a good product with a diverse team, with people from different specialties and life experiences.

He cites that “one of the reasons why Apple products really work well and I hope you think so that, in addition to having engineers and computer scientists working on the projects, there are also artists and musicians.

this intersection of liberal arts and human sciences with the technology that makes products magical ”.

When questions were opened to the public, a Public Relations student asked about the different “identities” in the workplace.

Cook then explained that "to be a leader in a diverse and inclusive environment, you need to allow that you may not personally be able to understand something that someone else does, but that does not mean that it is wrong."

Thanks @AuburnU for the warm welcome! great conversation with students today. #WarEagle

Diversity and inclusiveness are recurring themes for both Apple and Tim Cook, personally.

In addition to the company always publishing reports on diversity, it makes a point of taking sides to defend an inclusive policy, especially in the face of the controversial decisions of American President Donald Trump and other issues that may arise.

(via AppleInsider)