Tim Cook mourns Amazon fires and says Apple will donate

Tim Cook mourns Amazon fires and says Apple will donate

While the world's population is watching, devastated and powerless, fires large companies that have taken over the Amazon, figures of global influence lament the event and announce projects supporting the ecosystem. THE Apple and Tim cookEspecially couldn't be left out.

The CEO of Ma just posted on his Twitter a message saying he was "devastated" by the fires, and announcing that Apple will make a donation to efforts to contain and preserve the Amazon rainforest.

It is devastating to see the fires and destruction wiping out the Amazon Rainforest, one of the most important ecosystems in the world. Apple will donate to preserve its biodiversity and restore the indispensable forest of the Amazon throughout Latin America.

Cook has not cited values, but considering the level of devastation, any help is welcome.

As NASA reported, based on its own satellite data, the Amazonian fires in 2019 are the worst in nearly a decade that corroborate INPE (National Institute for Space Research) statistics. An agency researcher also said that much of the fire's outbreaks are caused for deforestation purposes.

Donate charity

In related news, Cook recently donated a figure close to $ 5 million to a charity. The donation was made through more precisely actions, 23,700 Apple shares, currently valued at $ 4.89 million.

The record was found at the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission, or Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States), and the charity in question has not been specified, the agency only requires donations to be registered but not required to state the identity of the institutions.