Tim Cook for Trump: Apple Product Taxes Favor Companies Like Samsung

Tim Cook for Trump: Apple Product Taxes Favor Companies Like Samsung

We can say that the trade war between the United States and the China It became a saga for major consumer goods manufacturers affected by the tariffs of the White House in the US, including the giant of Cupertino own.

The effect on the rate of Ma's entire product line has put the company's roles at risk in recent weeks, something that was soon reversed when the US government decided to postpone new taxes until the day. December 15th.

With the postponement of course it would be the interesting minimum for Apple try to ease the tension of the US government, causing him to see the consequences of such tarifao in just about Cupertino, but to own US economy after all, the domestic market of Ma alone , one of the largest in the company.

That's exactly what Apple CEO, Tim cook, decided to do last Friday, when he met for dinner with the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Having dinner tonight with Apple's Tim Cook. They will spend large amounts of money in the US. thymus!

Details of the meeting were not disclosed, but during a brief press conference, the US head of state said Cook “argued very well” by stating that tariffs on Apple products could put her at a disadvantage compared to her southern rival. Korean Samsung. As inferred by the executive, most of Samsung's products are produced in South Korea and therefore are not affected by the tax round imposed by the White House.

Pres. Trump said he met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Bedminster, adding that Cook "made very convincing arguments" that tariffs are making it difficult for Apple to compete with companies like Samsung. "I'm thinking about that."

Apparently, Trump welcomed the opinion of Cook and told reporters that he "is thinking about it." Although tarifao on the iPhone (which produced in China) has been postponed to December, the taxes will be applied on 1 September still afetaro other gadgets such as AirPods, HomePod, and Apple Watch.

via Reuters