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Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, and other CEOs urge Trump to maintain US in Paris Agreement

Since Donald Trump announced its intentions to remove the United States from Paris agreement, the important climate treaty signed in 2015, reactions rained from all sides. In Silicon Valley, specifically, the news was viewed with great negativity: a number of top executives voiced disagreement about leaving, and Apple said it would remain committed to the terms of the deal even with the US exit.

Now, more than two years later (and with the US government in final talks to leave the deal), several CEOs and key figures from the American business world have come together to sign a Letter addressed to Trump. The reason is still the same: to ask the president to reconsider the decision, citing arguments such as job creation, US support for the treaty, and the position of US leadership and consequent responsibility to global markets and the planet's ecosystems.

Tim cook was among the 70 signatories of the letter, as well as Satya Nadella (from Microsoft), Elon Musk (from Tesla), Sundar pichai (Of google), Bob Iger (from Disney), Richard Branson (from Virgin), Enrique Lores (from HP), Ginny Rometty (from IBM) and David Solomon (from Goldman Sachs Bank). We also have Brazilian presence in the document, with the signature of Roberto Marques, from Natura.

Below, we translate some important points of the letter:

In 2017, many of us have come together to support the US stay on the Paris Agreement. We come together again to say that we are still dedicated to it. Two years ago, the impacts of rising global temperatures were evident. Today, with record temperatures around the country, stronger hurricanes ravaging the coasts, even more destructive forest fires and floods / droughts disrupting the economy, we have no time to lose.

Two years ago, we knew that supporting the Paris Agreement was necessary to keep our companies competitive and successful in line with the new expectations of the American people. We are on the side of 77% of US registered voters and more than 4,000 US states, cities and businesses that support the deal.

Today, we reinforce our belief that a commitment to the Paris Agreement requires a fair transition from labor force to a transition that respects workers' rights and is achieved through dialogue with employees and their unions. Participation in the agreement allows us to plan a transition list and create decent new jobs and the economic opportunity for families to support themselves.

() There has been progress, but not enough. This moment calls for bigger and faster actions than we have seen. It calls for the strong guidelines offered by the Paris Agreement, which allow the US the freedom to choose its own path to emissions reductions.

Cook reinforced the message with a post on his Twitter:

Humankind has never faced a challenge as large or urgent as climate change, and it is a challenge we must face together. Apple will continue its work to make the planet better than we have found it and to produce tools that encourage others to do the same.

The question now is whether the message has any effect on Trump and his class. Let's hope so.

via Apple World Today