Tim Cook Earns $ 115 Million in Apple Shares for Good Performance

Tim Cook Earns $ 115 Million in Apple Shares for Good Performance

In addition to the decent salary that the CEO of Apple receives monthly, Tim cook (well with other company executives) are rewarded with roles but no role, of course: Apple actions.

Last year, we commented that Cook had earned more than 560,000 shares of the company; Ma's chief executive has now again received another "tranche" of the company's shares, as seen in a paper sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The most recent award, also from 560 thousand aes, was awarded to Cook last Saturday after the executive reached the goals related to time in office and performance set by Apple's board of directors. In addition, the roles are worth little more than $ 115 million, considering the current quote of $ AAPL.

As usual, 294,840 shares were withheld by Apple to comply with statutory tax regulations on purchased shares. If Cook's performance remains that good until 2021, the executive will still pocket 1.82 million Ma shares (if he continues to be CEO).

Other executives are also likely to be subsidized with significant amounts of Apple restricted stock in the coming weeks, none of them at the same level as Cook, of course. But, let's face it, that's something, isn't it? 😛

via AppleInsider