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Tim Cook discusses prices of iPhones, Apple TV + and more during European tour

As we reported yesterday, Apple's CEO, Tim cook, left Cupertino to breathe new air in the Europewhere are you doing a tour. After passing through Germany, the executive went on to travel to other countries, such as Italy and France.

During his stay in Germany, Cook talked to the newspaper Stern on a number of issues, including the price of the iPhone 11, the Apple TV + and the fact that Apple is viewed as a "monopoly" company.

Although many users were not surprised by the news of the iPhone 11 presented during a special event last month, a portion of these people definitely celebrated the reduction in price of the gadget compared to the previous model, the iPhone XR. More precisely, the iPhone 11 costs $ 700, while the XR sold at $ 750 at the launch, or $ 50 less.

When asked about the price of the device, Cook said that, in fact, Apple always tries to reduce the final price of their devices, and that the iPhone 11 has (happily) been contemplated.

We have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible and, fortunately, we have managed to reduce the price of the iPhone this year.

With regard to Apple TV + to be released on November 1, Cook analyzed the market for streaming It is not like a "lose or win" game, but rather it is the kind of fundamental service these days.

I don't think competition is afraid of us, the streaming It works differently: It's not about Netflix winning and we losing, or if we win they lose. Many people use various services, and now we are trying to become one of them.

On the theme of monopoly, the executive told the Stern that "no reasonable person would call Apple a monopolist." For Cook, the App Store is not intended to limit the developer, but "to protect users from malicious applications and illicit content."

Customers buy an experience from us, and that experience includes a reliable place to buy apps from which we select and check out the entire content. As a result, many applications do not reach the iPhone, such as pornography apps. Anyone can pick up your iPhone and access this type of content through the browser, but we don't offer them ourselves.

As we said, besides Germany, the executive visited other countries in the region, such as Italy and France. In the Eiffel Tower country, Cook met with students and teachers from a programming school that uses the program Everyone can program (Everyone Can Code) from Ma.

I visited Polytech Montpellier students and teachers they are doing awesome things with the Everyone Can Code. It's always exciting to see how Swift opens up new opportunities for students from around the world. Thanks for sharing your projects! 🇫🇷

Still in Paris, the executive highlighted a moment to visit the monumental (and reformed) Apple Champs-lyses and Apple March Saint-Germain:

Who visits Apple Champs-lyses such a magnificent store! I loved attending a #TodayAtApple photography session.
Apple March Saint-Germain is full of creativity! Nice to see how @TyrsaMisu is using iPad Pro to transform their colorful designs into installations around the world.

Cook's tour of Europe is probably not over yet; we'll see what the next destinations will be if he visits other places.

via MacRumors