Tim Cook confirms that Mac mini still has “important” future ahead

O Mac mini It was last updated at a special event hosted by Apple exactly three years ago. Three years in the technological world, as you well know, amounts to an eternity.

In early 2015, Apple even introduced a 2TB Fusion Drive option for it, but only. To be honest, there is no reason for anyone to buy the “current” Mac mini at least for the price Apple still charges for it.

Last April, when Apple gathered some journalists / bloggers and talked about the future of Mac Pro, its marketing boss, Phil Schiller, was also asked about the Mac mini and said that "it's still part of the Mac line." But it was only today that the company's CEO confirmed this for real.

I'm glad you love the Mac mini. We love him too. Our consumers have made many creative and interesting uses for the Mac mini. While this is not the time to share details, we do plan to make Mac mini an important part of our product line going forward.

The paragraph above was a response that Tim cook gave an email sent to him by a reader of the MacRumors.

So, we'll see God knows when yes new Macs mini coming. And I think that's great, because it's a perfect Mac for anyone who already has a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and just needs to change CPU. A perfect option, for example, for those who are migrating from PC to Mac.

May he not be long in coming! 😉