Tim Cook comments on iCloud data in China and Alex Jones case

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, gave an interview to the VICE News Tonight, which was shown yesterday (2/10) by HBO.

During the conversation (which took place at the Apple Grand Central in New York), the executive spoke about privacy, iCloud data security in China and the case involving the removal of podcasts from the famous conspiracy theory Alex Jones from Ma's directory.

ICloud data in China

As we mentioned, iCloud data for Apple customers in China has already changed servers twice this year. The first change took place in January and the second in July of this year, which caused some fanfare regarding the security of this information.

Even though such changes were accomplished after Chinese government demands, the Apple executive said for the VICE News That privacy is a human right that crosses barriers and ‚Äúalso applies to the company's business in China‚ÄĚ.

If you lock your smartphone in China, I can't open it. The question about China that people have confused that certain countries, China being one of them, requires that the data of local citizens be kept in the territory. We work with a Chinese company to provide iCloud. But the keys are ours.

Cook also commented that encryption is the same in all countries where Apple operates, so that, regardless of the country or region where you are, your information is just as secure, as if it were elsewhere.


With regard to the security of Apple customers' personal information around the world, the CEO commented that ‚Äúsees privacy as one of the most important issues of the 21st century‚ÄĚ. Although he is not a person in favor of information regulation, the executive believes that ‚Äúsome level of government regulation‚ÄĚ is needed to solve current problems.

We are at a stage where more information is available about you online and on your phone than at your home. Your smartphone is likely to know what you're browsing, know your friends, your relationships, and own all your photos.

Cook also reacted against the idea that Apple's focus on privacy is undermining Siri's functionality. In this regard, he explained that Ma does not believe that companies need to access all user data to improve their services.

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Ban on the content of Alex Jones

In mid-August this year, Apple removed five podcasts from the program from its service InfoWars, produced by American presenter Alex Jones. To BuzzFeed News, Ma said she does not tolerate hate speech and that the Podcasts app’s guidelines are clear about what type of content is accessible or not.

A month later, Apple took further action against Jones and permanently banned the InfoWars app from the App Store. In addition to Ma, other companies also removed the content of the presenter from their platforms, such as the Spotify It's from YouTube.

The fact that, in the past month, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted in an interview that the decision to ban the page and Jones' content from the social network was taken only after Apple's opinion. However, Cook said there was no "pre-planned" action between Ma and any other company including Zuckerberg's social network.

I never had a conversation about (Alex Jones) with other technology companies. We make our decisions independently and I think that's important, honestly. I didnt talk to anyone. And as far as I know, no one at Apple talked.

On the decision to remove content from the presenter from Apple platforms, Cook explained that it is all part of the company's efforts to provide users with ‚Äúhuman-cured‚ÄĚ content. According to the executive, this selection can vary between ‚Äúmany conservative to very liberal‚ÄĚ content, adding that Ma does not assume a political position in decisions.

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