Tim Cook comments on Facebook data controversy and iOS 12 ‚Äúdigital health‚ÄĚ features

If on the one hand Facebook ended up appearing in the spotlight for allegedly making user data available to companies like Apple, Microsoft and others (even after having denied and ‚Äúexplained‚ÄĚ the situation), Ma wants to get hers out of the line so that everything is clear.

Accordingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated National Public Radio that the company ‚ÄúWas never in the data business‚ÄĚ.

As the New York Times had revealed, relationship status, religion and other information from Facebook users were supposedly given to companies. However, Apple completely denies having access to any of this data.

The things mentioned in the article Times about relationship status and all those kinds of things, this is so strange to us, and there is no data that we have ever received or requested zero.

Agreeing with the statement published by a social network executive, Cook also stated that the only thing they did was "integrate the ability to share into the operating system, simplify sharing a photo and that kind of thing" just for the user's convenience. , without actually messing with your data.

Still on privacy, the Apple CEO gave an interview CNN and mentioned that ‚Äúthis privacy thing was totally out of control‚ÄĚ, referring to the lack of monitoring of people and their data. According to him, "most people do not know who is watching them, how much is being tracked and what are the large amounts of detailed data that are putting them on".

iOS 12 digital health - interview for CNN

But not only about polemics lives a CEO; as we can predict, during the two interviews he also spoke about the ‚Äúdigital health‚ÄĚ features announced in the WWDC18 keynote, which took place yesterday.

Specifically in the interview for the NPR, he stated:

We never thought of maximizing the number of times you choose (the device), the number of hours you use it. All of these things are great conveniences of life. They change your everyday life in an excellent way. But if you're being bombarded with notifications all day, this is probably a use of the system that may not be as good anymore.

To the CNN, Cook complemented that same speech by assuming that he himself was disciplined in using the device, but looking at the statistical data, he saw that he spent "more time than he should" and that the number of notifications he received "just didn't make more sense".

You can check excerpts from the interview on a video on this page.

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