Tim Cook calls "nonsense" story about Jony Ive leaving Apple

Tim Cook calls "nonsense" story about Jony Ive leaving Apple

Even today, we publish an article based on a report from the Wall Street Journal who commented that Jony Ive had his head off Apple for some time. In the article, the WSJ He even said that Tim Cook had to be more energetic at some point in order for the famous designer to “restore his daily responsibilities after basically giving no ball to the creation of the iPhone X, even missing a few meetings.

Of course, this story would not be beaten by Apple. The CEO of the company vehemently denied such statements in the newspaper. In an email to journalist Dylan Byrers (senior media reporter for NBC News), Ma's boss said:

The absurd story. Many reports, and certainly the conclusions, do not match reality. On a basic level, it shows a lack of understanding about how the design team works and how Apple works. She distorts relationships, decisions, and events to the point that we simply do not recognize the company she intends to describe.

This, however, did not make WSJ falter: in statement NBC News, Colleen Schwartz (senior vice president of newspaper communications) said they keep everything about the stories published.

Taking the opportunity, Cook also praised the design team that will be responsible for the company's next releases (after all, the ball is now with them):

The incredibly talented design team. As Jony said, they are stronger than ever and I have complete confidence that they will thrive under the leadership of Jeff, Evans and Alan. We know the truth and we know the amazing things they are capable of. The projects they are working on will blow your mind.

Something tells me that this kind of story (and future statements like that from Apple) won't stop by

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