TIM changes Beta rules and social networks no longer count as Lab score

TIM Beta is the most popular prepaid plan among users due to the generous packages that can be purchased as well as the challenges and goals that go from upgrading to the data package. Who Beta wants to become Lab, however, should be smart with the new changes that the operator is promoting in the rules of service.

Those who want to upgrade their plan to Lab need to be aware of the new rules that TIM has set for Beta. From now on, logging in to social networks no longer counts as scoring to access the most powerful plan, only participating in challenges, promotions, reloads starting at $ 20 and daily, weekly or monthly package renewals.

Previously, social network logins (Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) were used as ways to get up to 500 points, which no longer exists. To compensate for the withdrawal of social networks, the operator has reduced from 1,600 to 1,230 points the threshold required for a user to become and maintain the active Tim Beta Lab plan. For this, however, the user must accumulate 1,230 points within 90 days from the moment he enters the Blablablmetro.

Basically, the user will have to compensate points withdrawn with social networks for reloads to keep Lab enabled or then migrate. The maximum score entitles you to more internet data and invitations so friends can join Tim Beta with some advantages.

And what did you think of the change?

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