TikTok launches parental control toolset

TikTok enjoys greater popularity among teenagers.

The company has shown itself to be aware of the public it attracts and for some time now it has been launching tools that give parents greater control over the activity that their children have in the application.

In 2019, age certification was introduced and, more recently, technology has started to ban videos that demonstrate "delinquent behavior".

Now, TikTok wants to give parents some decision-making power.

The company has introduced a set of tools, called "Family Safety Mode", that will let them control the time their children spend on the application and limit or block, directly, direct messages with other users.

A third tool allows you to restrict the type of content displayed.

In order to exercise this control, parents must also have an account on the social network and pair it with their children's accounts.

Family Safe Mode is already available in the UK, but will reach other regions over the next few weeks.