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Tik Tok – eGirls, VSCO Girls and Soft Girls: what are they?

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With the growing popularity of TikTok in the past few months, you may have come across some terms that you don't know about. eGirls, VSCO Girls and Soft Girls are some of the main ones that we see to define certain women who use the app and adopt a certain aesthetic in the visuals in their videos.

To help you better understand what these three terms mean, we explain it in detail in today's article.

Kill curiosity and find out who the eGirls, VSCO Girls and Soft Girls are by checking out their descriptions below!


eGirls examples

To begin with, let's talk about the most well-known and used term even outside of TikTok. The term eGirl came up in a somewhat pejorative way to describe women who did certain activities on the internet publicly.

Most of the time, they were girls playing games and posting videos of it on the internet. As some believe that these women did this to attract attention instead of really enjoying the activity, the term was taking shape. Basically, it is an abbreviation for "Electronic Girl" or "Electronic Girl".

Over the years, the term has changed its meaning and is now much more used to describe girls who use a different visual aesthetic on the internet. Almost a special persona just for the videos you post.

At TikTok, eGirls are usually girls who dress provocatively, show off their geeky tastes, wear colorful or well-styled hair, as well as more neat makeup.

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VSCO Girls

eGirls vsco girl

The term VSCO Girls comes directly from the image editing application called VSCO, which we even recommend a lot in lists of apps for editing photos. The app itself is quite normal and has many options of effects and filters.

Its biggest differential is the possibility of posting photos on the platform itself. It kind of works in a similar way as a social network, to have a notion.

As many of the photos are posted by women and have a very simple aesthetic, with pastel tones and a casual look, the term came up to define girls with this aesthetic.

The VSCO Girls seen on TikTok usually post videos with this look more clean, trendy clothes and very light makeup. Also associated with this term are people who post many photos or videos with clothes and accessories from expensive brands. Only everything is done in a casual way, as if it were nothing big.

Soft Girls

Finally, we have the term given to those known as “Soft Girls”. The meaning of this term as seen in TikTok does not differ much from what the translation “soft girls” tells us.

He refers to the sweetest girls, with a soft and basic look who post their videos on the platform. They also wear clothes in light or pastel colors, but they do a lot of makeup.

Everything to give a more fluffy appearance. Whether through fake freckles, more pink cheeks or flawless skin. Quite different from the appearance of the eGirls we mentioned before.

It is quite common to see videos of eGirls transforming into the Soft Girls aesthetic or the other way around in TikTok.

Did you understand more about eGirls, VSCO Girls and Soft Girls?

Were you able to use the descriptions in our article to understand the aesthetic behind eGirls, VSCO Girls and Soft Girls? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

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