Tik Tok App – How to Use and Tips on How to Bomb!

TIK TOKOne of the most downloaded apps in the world, Tik Tok (new Musical.ly) lets you make 15-second videos on any subject, but what was sweet on the platform was the young people who dubbed music with different effects and dances. In addition to creating short video clips, it works like a social video clips network where you share with your friends and get followers.

With the app's high success, many netizens became famous with their videos. Success comes from the differential they can bring, creativity in the junctions of effects, filters and dances.

As mentioned above, this app is the new Musical.ly, as before they were two different platforms, but a Chinese company decided to buy and put them together. It made no sense to continue with the two, and together they would be even more successful.

What are Musers?

If you have had access to this platform, you may have heard of Musers They are basically like the youtuber from Youtube, that is, they are the people who stand out in the app and have a large number of views, consequently, several followers.

The name Musers comes from Musical.ly, but as the app's new name has not yet been created a new nickname, they are still known that way.

How to use?

It is very easy to use, no wonder 7 year olds are users. But to access, download the app on your phone and create an account. It works as a feed, there you will find various profiles for different tastes. If you want to create a simple video, just choose a song and work out different scenarios.

Tips on how to use

  • Create or already use hashtags for your video to pump even more, it works like a hashtag on Facebook for example, where you add # and your videos have a longer range. But the difference is that in this app it works like challengewhere you record your version of the music and dance that is being challenged.
  • Be creative when choosing effects. The app gives you a variety of options for editing your video to make it more optimized, but the difference comes from your creativity.

How to get fame in the app?

  • Post videos every day using hashtags that are high in the app. So people will see that you are always present and updating your profile.
  • Invest in lighting, after all, a higher quality video draws more attention than one with the bad image. You don't necessarily have to use those professional lights, just have natural light that makes your video more professional.
  • Get in trouble with Tik Tok users. Recording duets greatly influence the following, as your video partner's fans are likely to become yours as well.
  • Show your difference, that is, run away from the ordinary and avoid doing what the people you follow also do. You don't want to become one more, right?
  • The most valuable tip is charismatic, so you will captivate people and make them interested in seeing your videos.