Thugs take $ 100,000 worth of Apple products after “cinematic theft” in the US

Someone has been watching too much franchise "Misso: Impossvel". I say this considering the method adopted this week by a group of crooks in the United States to steal a batch of Apple products, worthy of the classic Tom Cruise films.

The case happened in an electronics store Best Buy from the city of Dunwoody, in Gergia a few kilometers north of the capital Atlanta. Trapped by cables, thieves invaded an area of ​​the building's warehouse by the ceiling and, without touching the floor (full of sensors and alarms), at no time, took all Apple products present in the enclosure, evaluated in $ 100k (approximately R $ 375 thousand).

Talking to the news channel WSB-TV, Dunwoody police said the crime may be related to similar occurrences in Texas and Florida, but that there is no evidence to support such a claim. At the time of the theft, the store's video circuit was off and the police are now looking for images of nearby establishments to try to get at least an external view of the action.

According to one of the policemen heard in the report, the bizarre crime “was in the style of the‘ Misso: Impossible ’films,” both for the audition of the plan and the success of the ‘mission’. Among the products taken, there were iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

Best Buy did not comment on the case, but something tells me that its executives will be looking at eBay for the next few days

via Cult of Mac