Thrones of Britannia now available for Linux


Another group game «Triple A ” arrives in the penguin lands, through Feral Interactive we can now play the game A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. The game takes place in England during the period of the Vikings invasions.

The launch took place this Thursday (5) and was received with great enthusiasm by the Linux community for this “Triple A ” from the Total War Saga series.

With that, Feral Interactive outlines a very clear objective for its sizes of Windows games for Linux, the total use of Vulkan instead of OpenGL.

With this new game, Feral confirms what it was already doing in ported games, the prioritization of Vulkan in them as it happened in Mad Max, Tombs Raiders and F1 games.

The minimum settings that Feral recommends are:

Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent from AMD;

● Video card with a Redeaon 285 2GB or higher or an NVIDIA GTX 680 with 2GB or higher. And have support for VULKAN;

8GB of RAM memory;

15GB of free disk space.

And for those who have AMD graphics cards, they must have MESA driver 18.0.4 and those who have NVIDIA graphics cards have the latest driver installed, which today is version 390.59.