Threes! for Android: the cult game of numbers and its copy Fives

Threes! for Android: the cult game of numbers and its copy Fives

The game of puzzle Threes! an absolute hit on iOS, and now finally comes the verse for Android. The paid app, but there is a very similar free alternative, the Fives.

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Two games with the same principle: Threes! and Fives. /
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Misleadingly simple. This expression is found in the Fives description text and applies to both games. All you have to do is add and match numbers, but that simplicity made Threes! an absolute hit on Apple's operating system. Now it is also available for Android for approximately $ 5.00.

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No Threes! you add 1 and 2. / Threes

A free alternative that works similarly to Fives (5s). The principle of both games is the same: in Threes, it adds 1 and 2 on the board, and in Fives, 2 and 3. The next most difficult step: now equal numbers must be added, with a small difficulty factor: the Numbers do not move alone, but in blocks, and when the whole board fills up and there is no more possibility of sums, the game is over. It therefore takes tactical thinking and a good sense of space to get along.

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Fives has a more serious but equally interesting look. / Fives

Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

Have you tried one of two games? What was your record?

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