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Threes! is a creation of Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend, who are responsible for the great Hundreds and Ridiculous Fishing.

The object of the game is to match tiles on a 4 × 4 board by dragging your finger across the screen. Pieces with numbers 1 and 2 can be combined, forming pieces with the number 3; a pair of combined pieces 3 form a piece 6; two pieces 6 form 12; and so on.

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Seems easy? No, it’s not! Each finger move on the screen moves all four rows or columns at once – if a column / row is blocked, only items that can move move places. A new piece enters the game, in the opposite direction of the movement of your finger: if the last movement was to the left, a new piece can appear in any piece available on the right side. You have to know what the new piece will be, but not where it will appear. The game is over when there is no more space for new pieces or no possible movement on the board.

Pieces 1 and 2 are often the big challenge. Depending on what is in the neighborhood, your life can be very difficult. A tip is: do not consider the result of just the immediate move, but the reflection of it for your future moves.

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