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Three things you may not know about watchOS 5

We know the watchOS 5 at WWDC18 and over the last few months, we've been keeping up with the watch's operating system news and features as Apple released its beta versions. After ten test versions, this week finally the final version of watchOS 5 was released to the general public and we were able to install the system on our watches in order to take advantage of the news. One of them, however, no one expected.

By then, Apple Watch (from the first generation up to the Series 3) was able to detect feature high heartbeats, incidentally, which was quite successful and saved a few dozen (or hundreds, you will know) lives by.

Apple Watch Series 4 Sensors

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has wisely improved the sensor responsible for this feature and added two more types of monitoring: low heart rate and atrial fibrillation (thanks to the possibility of an ECG being released later this year for US users). ).

WatchOS 5 beats

The surprise, like the AppleInsider reported that heart rate monitoring is new to watchOS 5 and not Apple Watch Series 4. This means that owners of Watches Series 3, 2, or 1 (the original Watch is unfortunately not compatible with watchOS 5) now have more This feature is for controlling the health of the heart.

WatchOS 5 beats

To use the feature, you need to open the Beats app itself and activate it; Already in the Watch app on iPhone, you can also open the Beats app to set the minimum BPM to your preference.

And since we are talking about news, the two below are not exactly surprising since they even appear on the official page of watchOS 5, however have been little commented and you can not know them.

WatchOS 5 notifications

First, as with iPhones and iPads, Apple Watch now bundles notifications of the same app; You can then get rid of them at once or tap to expand them.

With expanded notifications, the behavior is the same as a normal notification, meaning you can swipe sideways to get rid of them or even tap ?? and choose between ?Receive on Silence? or ?Disable on Apple Watch? ?Just don't choose these options in the app After all, you do not want to miss any news of the biggest and best site about Apple in Brazil. ?

The second is that watchOS now has automatic exercise detection. Apple Watch notices if you are doing certain types of exercises and alerts you if you forgot to sign in to the app.

That in itself you might already know. What you don't necessarily know, like the Marcus Mendes reported that this feature waits about 15 minutes to be almost sure that you are doing an activity, and instead shows the notification for you to start accounting for the time and calories taking into account all the 15 minutes you have already taken ( retroactively) of course!

Good news from watchOS 5, anyway? ?