Three more Macs could be updated with Apple coprocessors as early as 2018, report says

From across Apple's product line, Macs They are the ones that still rely most crucially on components designed by other companies, not least, considering that the “heart” of the machines themselves (the processor) is still the responsibility of a partner of Ma (Intel), not of itself.

It is not yet known when this addiction will end, but it is clearer than ever that Cupertino has been stirring every possible chopstick to abbreviate it.

According to a new report from Bloomberg citing close sources, Apple is planning to release three new Macs with security coprocessors themselves two handhelds and one desktop. As we all know, we currently have two models of Ma computers with home-designed auxiliary chips: the TouchBook MacBook Pro with the T1 and the iMac Pro with the T2.

So it remains to be seen which machines would be receiving the new coprocessors this year. It's easy to bet on the MacBook as one of the recipients, but is the other portable? MacBook Pro without Touch Bar? MacBook Air? The possibilities are intriguing. As for the desktop, we may be talking about the legendary new Mac Pro that no one knows if this year, or the Mac mini, or “traditional” iMacs.

The fact that, along with the new auxiliary chips, the machines should also gain other news so the year promises. We'll be hooked on all this!

via MacRumors