Site casts doubt on possible arrival of “Apple Watch 2” at a special event in March [atualizado]

Three more countries will receive the Apple Watch on July 31; Brazil, contrary to what we expected, nothing yet

Apple confirmed today that three more countries will start selling the Apple Watch next Friday, July 31st. Just them: New Zealand, Russia and Turkey.

The product's last international expansion took place a few days ago, on July 17th. The trio of the time was Holland, Sweden and Thailand.

Contrary to what we expected in mid-April, the Apple Watch therefore does not reach the Brazil in July. Sources of MacMagazine indicate that until recently the plan remained exactly that, but that the scarce stocks in the clock must have delayed its international expansion schedule. No wonder that Apple is now advancing in groups of three countries, only.

If Apple continues to launch Watch in new countries every two weeks, we can hope that Brazil finally gets into the cake of the day August 14. Let us wait.

[via MacRumors]