ROCK USB-C adapters

Three essential USB-C adapters for you, who have a MacBook with a 12 ″ screen!

Who has one 12 ″ MacBook you already know all the pros and cons of the new USB-C port that equips the machine. However, it is expected to reach the full range of Macs soon.

Despite having many advantages hitherto not seen in a USB port (high transfer speed, the fact that it is reversible, etc.), it serves to charge and even as a video output.

ROCK USB-C adapters

If on the one hand it is legal to have a MacBook completely created for the wireless world (with only a single USB-C port), we often face problems when it comes to transferring the computer’s content to another screen / projector or even to simply connect an external HDD to the machine.

This is where the new adapters that are available at MM Store!

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With these accessories, you can connect your MacBook to any projector / screen equipped with an HDMI / VGA port without any difficulty. As we said, you can also use several accessories on the market that still use the USB-A standard.

The adapters for HDMI and for VGA are made of rubber and finished in aluminum, in the color of your MacBook; the USB adapter is made entirely of black rubber – all of them are flexible, which helps to make the accessory life even longer.

Compared to official Apple adapters, the savings you will make are quite large. Enjoy! ?