Three custom ROMs that were successful and discontinued

Custom ROMs are considered by many true saviors of older smartphones, or simply forgotten, and no longer receiving updates from their manufacturers.

Not to mention that custom ROMs give a survival for a given device, providing better performance than the native system.

Today we see more and more new custom ROMs popping up, further increasing the large portfolio of existing custom ROMs.

But all is not flowers, because even with growing numbers, still famous and good options no longer exist or have stopped receiving official support by their team of developers.

We selected three last custom ROMs that were discontinued; check out below:


When talking about Android is impossible not to remember the CyanogenMod.

If you don't know it, I think at least you might have heard that name, because we're talking about the most famous custom ROM ever.

CyanogenMod has adopted many smartphones that have become frantic when abandoned by their makers.

As I said, CyanogenMod supported hundreds of devices, including older ones like the Galaxy S3, for example.

The team was made up of the best developers, with investors who funded the project, so Cyanogen won so much that it became the official operating system for OnePlus smartphones.

In 2016, the project's creator announced its end by leaving the source code for other supporters to create LineageOS, which continues today.

AndroidPIT galaxy s5 cyanogenmod 2966
CyanogemMOD / AndroidPIT


"Fell the venon in your veins" translated to "Feel the poison in your vein".

This was the slogan used by the custom ROM called ViperOS.

This ROM was fully developed by a team of Brazilians who made the joy of many old smartphone users, such as my Moto G3.

ViperOS, in a short time of development, quickly gained prominence for its excellent performance, mainly for providing a good battery life.

It was amazing, for example, how the battery life of my Moto G3 increased.

Unfortunately it was discontinued in August 2017, where its developers claimed lack of time to devote to the project.

Later came ToxycOS, which is firm and strong to this day.

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ViperOS / google
<h2><span class=The Pure Nexus Project

We already talked about the Nexus line here on the site remembering all the smartphones of the series already launched (link below).

Speaking of Nexus, we could not leave out of our list the custom ROM called The Pure Nexus Project, which had its activities suspended by its own creator last July.

As the name already accuses The Pure Nexus Project based on the official Google ROMs that shipped the Nexus devices.

It was almost a port of Google's rom for other devices than the Nexus.

I particularly never used it, but its users claimed to have the feeling that they were using a Nexus device so well made that the custom ROM was.

pure nexus
Rom The Pure Nexus Project / xda

The big problem with custom ROMs is the lack of support and investment, as many users don't value the great work done by the most diverse developer teams who mostly don't get a penny of help.

If I really had more commitment and help, I think custom ROMs could make Android even better.

And you, do you know of any other custom ROMs that have been discontinued and not in the list?

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