Three camera iPhones (one 3D), iOS 13 with Dark Mode… Bloomberg forecasts 2019/20

Three camera iPhones (one 3D), iOS 13 with Dark Mode… Bloomberg forecasts 2019/20

Much has been said about the future line of iPhones, which is likely to be launched in September 2019 (as Apple has traditionally done over the last few years). The one who gave his punch now was well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, but already making predictions for 2020!

Since he has some great sources inside Apple and an almost perfect hit rate, we should stay tuned for what to say. Let's go.

New for iPhones

According to Gurman, Apple will launch an iPhone with a 3D rear camera by 2020, which will benefit applications and solutions involving augmented reality. This new rear-view 3D camera would be far-reaching, designed to scan the environment and create three-dimensional real-world reconstructions. The laser emitted by this 3D camera (which scans the environment to create such a three-dimensional map) would reach a distance of up to 4.5 meters; Comparatively, the TrueDepth / front-facing camera of iPhones (equipped with Face ID) works with dot projection instead of laser and therefore cannot read correctly if the face is more than 50 centimeters away.

As you can imagine, this 3D technology also benefits Portrait Mode, as this 3D mapping allows you to identify the background much more accurately consequently, making it easier to ‚Äúcrop‚ÄĚ the person. Apple would be talking to Sony about testing involving the sensors for the new system.

This new iPhones 3D camera coming in 2020 could be a prelude to some augmented reality glasses that the company could also launch in 2020.

Apple's idea was to launch everything in 2019, but the plans were postponed for reasons not commented. For this year, however, Gurman said that the successor to the iPhone XS Max (codenamed D43) will have even such three cameras; already the successor of the XS (codename D42) may or may not have this new system with three cameras.


IPhones Line Concept for 2019


Miscellaneous iPhone Concepts

This third camera will help the device capture a larger field of view and also allow a wider zoom range, according to Gurman. It can also capture more pixels so that Apple software can, for example, automatically repair a video or photo to fit a subject that may have been accidentally cropped in the initial photo, according to people familiar with Apple's plans. Ma. The company would also be planning an improved version of the feature. Live Photos, which fixes the video before / after each image in the photo. In addition, this new Live photo it would be twice as long, from three to six seconds.

In addition to the third camera, the 2019 iPhones would have the ever-welcome processor upgrade and an updated Face ID sensor. The look of the handsets will remain basically the same, as a major change would come in 2020, along with support for 5G networks.

Apple is also testing some prototypes of the USB-C-equipped smartphone instead of the Lightning connector, which has been used on iPhones since 2012. The gains from a supposed technology change are visible, such as compatibility with a range of third-party accessories (including chargers). competing smartphones). Still, Gurman has not stated that Apple will make the switch, saying only that the tests indicate plans for a possible switch (which might not happen now, obviously).

What's New for iPads

The iPhone is still Apple's flagship product, but that doesn't stop the company from testing and launching new features first in others. gadgets. This 3D camera, for example, will be able to reach the iPad first, which would be launched in early 2020, that is, before the smartphone models that are introduced in the second half. That's because, according to journalist sources, Apple does not plan to release a major update for the iPad Pro in 2019, as it did last year.

Such a 10 ″ screen iPad is even part of Apple's plans, according to Gurman, and should be launched now in the first half, probably with a new iPad mini, which has not been updated since 2015. Such tablets should keep the Lightning connector. and most likely the same look as now, with relatively large edges and touch ID.

IOS 13 What's New

Little has been said about Apple's next major mobile operating system update. But if you're into MacOS Mojave Dark Mode, you'll love to know that iOS 13 features the famous, long-awaited and desired Dark mode.

YouTube In-App Dark Mode for iOSYouTube In-App Dark Mode for iOS

In addition, the future system will gain improvements in CarPlay and iPad-specific updates, such as a new splash screen, the ability to run multiple versions of a single application (such as pages in a web browser) and file management improvements. IOS 13 will also integrate with new subscription services: one from magazines and one focused on streaming Video

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