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This video shows how amazing when you know how to fly a drone

It is not difficult to find impressive footage with drones, and often they draw attention to the places these small aircraft can access, the angle of capture and also the quality of the image.

But in this video you watch below, most surprisingly the rider's ability, even at high speed, he can make varied movements with the drone while following the rally car at high speed. Watch below.

Many drones have the ability to follow a target, this is really useful for a number of situations where you want to enjoy your trail or take it perfectly without worrying, you ask the drone to follow you or keep in focus what You want and you can relax. With the shooting stabilization of most drones you will most often have a beautiful catch.


With new update, users can film themselves fishing or riding jetski, for example

However, in some situations, such as this video, this function may not work very well, as the vehicle is moving too fast and the device software cannot identify in time. Perhaps even with a very intelligent drone and focusing on this application this can be difficult.

The problem that requires some practice is a lot of skill with the drone to get a good camera movement that keeps the target in focus. This is really enviable in this video.

The driver can focus on the vehicle and even play with the frames. Highlight those where he goes to the front of the car and changes the position as the vehicle approaches.

The video was posted by RED-FPV, a YouTube channel, and has reached over 90,000 views. The only caveat to the content seems to have been the music in the clip, some users commented that it would be better to have left it natural with the sound of the car and the drone.

Here on the site we are always talking about drones and bringing our experience with these trending aircraft worldwide. Below is a video commenting on the time we spent using a Mavic 2 Pro, with some explanations of the differences of this for the Mavic 2 Zoom model. Keep an eye here on the site and also on our YouTube channel if you like drones.

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