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This video proves that smartphone screens can be tough without Gorilla Glass!

The Redmi Note 3 was released in November of last year, causing a lot of controversy due to the lack of scratch and scratch protection on your screen. To put an end to rumors that the screen of this vulnerable smartphone, Mi Vice President Hugo Barra decided to torture the device screen for a few minutes. The result you see below.

We all know that Gorilla Glass does not save any smartphones, as this protection ensures that the device is unharmed only by small everyday scratches. However, the absence of this technology on the screen of any device would certainly cause us some fear, right?

The Redmi Note 3 is a device that does not have Gorilla Glass protection on its dashboard, however, a video published by Xiaomi shows that it is nonetheless sturdy, although it does not have a scratch-resistant cover.

In the test, the Redmi Note 3 is subjected to a number of torture situations, and what happens to the device you see in the video below:

Despite the absence of Gorilla Glass, the Redmi Note 3 display is tough enough to survive different types of situations. According to Hugo Barra's explanation, the display of the device was built based on crash tests and was rated as tough by the Vicker's Hardness Number (test that attests to the impact strength of the screen).

Basically, the Redmi Note 3's screen impact damping level is equivalent to Gorilla Glass 4, which is present in many top of the line models. Mi's tests calculate the level of impact on different types of situations, pressures and forms of falls and handling.

What about, would you buy a smartphone without Gorilla Glass after watching this video?

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