Powerpod AirPod

This small case for your AirPods’ case will allow them to be recharged wirelessly

We have already shown in a post that there is a way – full of gambiarras, but it is a way – to make the case of your AirPods operate with a wireless charger.

Because this same idea was improved and transformed into a Kickstarter campaign, so that, instead of getting your hands dirty, you already buy a ready-made, cute product. meet the PowerPod:

Powerpod AirPod

The product is basically a small silicone case to put on the bottom of your AirPods case… and that’s it!

For the “magic” to happen, however, there is a Lightning connector inside the PowerPod, which connects to the case. On the back of it is where all the electrical components are, which make the case transform and start working with a wireless charger.

In the end, you’ll gain the flexibility to charge the AirPods case the conventional way, using the original cable, or choose wireless charging. From a distance, the only difference is that it will look like you put on a cape to protect you – which, let’s face it, never hurts.

The product seems simple – because, in sight, it is – but the “hidden” technology promises to be a great advantage. What’s more, if you’ve already purchased AirPods, you won’t need to spend your precious money when Apple launches a case exactly like the one you already have, but with wireless charging.

The creators’ goal is to reach $ 22,000; so far, they have raised $ 3,235 with 108 supporters, but there are still 32 days until the target deadline. To support the campaign and receive your PowerPod, you can choose to contribute $ 20 or more.

via The Loop