This sleep monitor connects to the iPhone and sits … on your forehead

The Apple Watch already has several applications dedicated to monitoring the sleep something that can be useful to discover priests and, with that, determine measures to improve the quality of your nights.

There is only one problem: many people (including the one who talks to you) do not support the idea of ​​sleeping with a watch on their wrist (and bedtime is usually the time to carry the watch, anyway). To solve this problem, the startup Beddr recently announced its new creation, the SleepTuner. The small sensor, connected to the iPhone via a special app, promises to monitor various aspects of your sleep while it is glued to your forehead!

Beddr SleepTuner, sleep monitor connected to iPhone

It may seem strange, but the device is so small and light that users should not even feel it stuck to their heads by adhering to it using a reusable and replaceable hypoallergenic adhesive. The battery gadget lasts up to 20 hours of continuous and rechargeable use; we have on the monitor an accelerometer with three axes and several optical sensors that measure aspects such as sleep duration, heart rate, breathing and oxygenation.

The SleepTuner app (not yet released) uses the data collected to provide information and tips about your sleep patterns. He may notice, for example, that you have better quality sleep when you sleep on your side or that when you lie down and get up in certain times, its nightly events are less frequent. Whenever the sensor is used, the app evaluates your night's sleep and brings the main information collected, gathering all of them in graphs that are easy to interpret.

Beddr SleepTuner, sleep monitor connected to iPhone

Beddr states that there is no need to use SleepTuner every night: the recommendation of startup that you use the sensor for a few days in sequence at the beginning, follow the progress of the readings, follow the tips of the app and, from there, start using it on a weekly or monthly frequency to monitor the quality of your long-term sleep .

SleepTuner is in the pre-sale phase on the Beddr website for $ 150; the package includes the sensor, 12 spare stickers, a charging cable and a protective cover. It will start shipping in the next month, but at least for now, deliveries are limited to the United States.

via MacRumors