Satechi Type-C Pro Hub

This Satechi hub turns the new MacBook Pro into what it should have been from the start

We can disagree on a multitude of things, but one where I suppose there is some consensus is Apple’s error of judgment in launching a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports.

Sure, Tim Cook and his gang’s vision for the future of computing is beautiful and moral, but the fact is, at present, we all still deal with a range of accessories, cables and storage devices that require a plethora of adapters for the new computer – and if we, mere mortals, are in this situation, let alone professional users (who, at least in name, are still the focus of the MacBook Pro).

Satechi Type-C Pro Hub

So I say that this new hub from Satechi has the potential to make the new MacBooks Pro what they should have been from the start. The call Type-C Pro Hub connects via two USB-C ports on your brand new computer and brings a series of ports, say, current to satisfy much of the users’ needs.

We have here an HDMI output capable of transmitting content in 4K at 30Hz, a Thunderbolt 3 port already in the USB-C standard (with the ability to recharge the computer), two USB 3.0 “common”, plus a common USB-C port and two memory card readers (one for SD and the other for microSD). The design of the hub perfectly complements that of the new MacBooks Pro, with much of the aluminum-coated surface and a thickness that allows the hub to always be attached to the computer without much obstruction, if you wish.

The Type-C Pro Hub, as well as the machine for which it is intended, is available in two colors: silver and space gray. The accessory is already on sale in the American store of Amazon for $ 100 (~ R $ 310).

[via 9to5Mac]