This little accessory adds a Home button (and a headphone jack) to iPhone X if you want it for some reason

O iPhone X may have brought some debatable decisions (clipping, I'm looking at you), but I think few will question Apple's new interface paradigm on its first smartphone without a Home button (Home); The gesture-based logic is intuitive, responsive and perfectly replaces the button used in the first ten years of the device's existence.

If you have a burning desire to have the Start button back on your iPhone X (for some reason I'm really curious to find out), however, your problems are over.

This small accessory of uncertain origin (and quality), which is being sold on eBay for $ 26 (~ $ 80, no shipping or delivery), does exactly what you've always dreamed of: just plug it into your iPhone X's Lightning port. to get back a Home button ready to be deliciously pressed whenever needed.

Accessory that adds start button to iPhone X

The YouTube Channel EverythingApplePro put his hands on the pet and shared his opinions about it apparently, the business really works and has an excellent latency rate, fulfilling its button role very well.

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It is interesting to note that the accessory still has a headphone jack, which may be a slightly more persuasive reason for you to invest in it; In addition, we have a Lightning input here so you can recharge iPhone, listen to music with your favorite headphones. and have the wonderful tactile return of the home button whenever you want, all at the same time. Incredible!

Oh, another point worth noting: despite bringing the distinctive chrome border around the button, don't expect anything from Touch ID or fingerprint reader with the accessory that was to be expected, considering that the biometric security system of the iPhone is totally subordinate to the processor of the device and could not be "outsourced".

O dongle It works on all iPhone models since 6/6 Plus (although using it on any model other than X is an instant redundancy class) and is compatible with virtually all versions of iOS. Who wants one?

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