This is why you shouldn't ignore Feedly

This is why you shouldn't ignore Feedly

Many users still wrinkle their nose at apps that are known as news aggregators. These apps offer more convenience to users who enjoy reading articles and any news on a daily basis. My favorite RSS reader Feedly. Here are the reasons why this app should not go unnoticed in your life.

I started using Feedly in mid-2013. At the time, I was looking for an app that was as interesting as Flipboard but had less animation and could actually make the articles available in its entirety, since most of them were only the Flip previews are displayed. Well, I found Feedly on this occasion.

I confess that I tried using other apps like Pocket and Press, however, Feedly was always the final word. It was with him, even, that I knew the power of cloud synchronization. Just log in with Facebook or Google account on the Android, PC or web app and … you're done! Disney magic happened.

Therefore, I want to expose in this article the three main reasons that made Feedly one of the main apps of my daily use. Check it out below:

1. There is no way not to talk about synchronization

Synchronization of feeds is fast and easy. No matter how many sites you subscribe to: Feedly syncs everything quickly and doesn't use a lot of data for it. To give you an idea, among my mobile apps, Feedly is not even in the top 10 mobile data consumption. I use it every day, worth remembering!

Lately, I've been using the most practical web version for my work. If I need to check any news on any site in the world, I open Feedly on the web and query by filtering by subject. For example, just type in "WhatsApp" and I will see articles that involve this theme among the 300+ sites I added in Feedly.

AndroidPIT feedly 0031
Excellent Feedly sync / AndroidPIT

2. Customizable

Not necessarily an application needs to have few features to be practical. Definitely no. And this is not the case with Feedly. The app has a clean look and keeps everything organized as defined by the user, such as the news display format (magazine, line or block).

AndroidPIT feedly 0056
Customization One of Feedly's Highlights / AndroidPIT

One of the features I like most about Feedly is the ability to choose the display font for articles and the background, such as spia, black and white, for example. With the right background, I can read my articles more comfortably at night without tiring my eyesight.

Also, reading news in an app like Feedly is extremely enjoyable, as all the distraction, such as advertisements and videos, is eliminated from the body text, and you can set that up.

3. Feedly to anywhere you want

We all live in the age of social sharing, so an app with good tools of this essential kind. In addition to sharing articles on social networks, Feedly converts the articles into notes and sends them to Evernote or OneNote, for example. In addition, you can email the articles as an attachment or even convert them to PDF in MacOS version.

AndroidPIT feedly 0034
Share something simple articles with Feedly / AndroidPIT

Feedly is compatible with other apps of its kind, such as the remembered Pocket and the dear Instapaper. By the way, I recommend that you try out Instapaper sometime too.

Ready! These were the three main reasons that made me choose Feedly as my favorite news aggregator: efficient and cost-effective synchronization, customization, and miscellaneous sharing tools. Download it and draw your own conclusions:

Feedly – Get Smarter
Install on Google Play

Have you tried Feedly? What other app of this genre do you know or how do you read the news about the sites you like best?

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