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This is what our users think of Facebook for Android!

Facebook for Android: love it or leave it! In 2015 the Facebook application was remodeled, redesigned and, in the opinion of users, is still far from satisfactory. Below you will find a number of comments from AndroidPIT readers about the app and if you identify with any of them, it will not be a coincidence!

First of all, remember that Facebook was one of the first services to use Chrome's notification system. This has made the social networking application for Android practically superfluous, as finally you will be able to receive notifications with the mobile platform version.

facebook lite 2
An alternative to Facebook's Facebook Lite app, for smaller hardware and bad connections. / ANDROIDPIT

However, of course, many users use the app as it centralizes functions and features that are quickly accessed and optimized for smartphone use. The company's own product manager has forced employees to use the app on devices running Android OS to see if the experience of using the software improves. So there is still hope for a future in which members of the social network can have a better app.

But what do people who actually use the Facebook app on an Android phone, like you, think?

Too heavy and hangs too much

One of the big complaints about the Facebook app is that it takes up too much memory of the device, too much battery and ends up crashing the system as a whole.

Karen dy Lucca: "I use Facebook Lite because the normal is too heavy and crashes too much."

Facebook Lite
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Augusto Mumbach: "The Facebook app starts to swell up within Android. Quickie occupies 200 megs and keeps growing as you use them. To read messages you have to install the messenger that takes up as much memory. You are still required to release access to everything on your phone so you can use the app. Extremely intrusive and sneaky. "

Thiago19: "I uninstalled the Facebook app because it asks for too many permissions and in two days it was taking up 1GB."

Felipe Teixeira: "Well, but heavy and without material design."

Glauber Duques: "Well, excellent in all aspects of use and functionality, but it consumes a lot of ram, I've never seen any apps that consume more ram than this."

T bad, but I get my way

Although the application is heavy and energy-intensive, users who can't stop using the software give some tips for correcting service problems using third-party applications. However, not all alternatives can contemplate all functions.

Douglas Charles Cunha: "Facebook services haven't been among the top 10 battery consumers on my Moto X for months. I got root, installed the apps" App Ops "and" Greenify. "With the first one I cut the wings of the app, with the second I only allowed to receive notifications. In the background he doesn't even know what. "

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Oops app
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Ricardo Ragazzini: "Grenify Donate version, Xposed Framework and Droidwall Firewall sent hugs;) facebook running clean and light like native app."

Marcelo Pinheiro: "I use UC Browser, the best alternative to the Facebook app."

UC Browser- News & Videos
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Alex Rodrigues: "For those who manage groups, using a browser, or Facebook Lite, doesn't work."

It improved because it was worse

The desktop version of the service offers a number of features, the mobile version has been able to optimize the use of these features and over time the application has been adapted. This investment makes some users see an improvement in the use of the app on a daily basis.

Maurcio Rodrigues: "For me the app works very well, Facebook has been a lot heavier, currently it is very fluid, the only problem is the battery consumption."

Thales Candido: "He was worse, but not as champion of drumming and memory as they paint."

Resources are missing or not working

Our reader Filipe Rgz listed a number of application issues, which were repeated in other comments at various times. Below you will find out which features compromise the service either by offering bugs or not in Filipe's opinion:

"Right on the front page you can't merge between" Recent Posts and Top Stories. "

"To post a photo, can't be found by folders, all media in your gallery appears in order, if you want to locate a meme, for example, you have to fall in the middle of so much image if it's not the latest."

"Not being able to sync Facebook calendar with Google calendar doesn't have material design."

Italo G. already mentioned a feature that I hear a lot from my friends using the Facebook app:

"Missing option to remove event notifications (can only be done by PC)."

Finally, it is worth mentioning that I do not have a Facebook account, so I do not use the application. To develop this article, I used the user comments on this article on the site and on this topic of the AndroidPIT forum.

And you, what do you like and hate most about the Facebook app for Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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